Almost a century of garden-mindedness

Spring 1940: Henri Denogent, a young arboriculture graduate, pruned trees, trimmed box hedges, raked gravel-covered paths, planted flower beds and hauled his ladder and tools from one property to another. His meticulous approach gradually won him the confidence of an extensive and loyal clientele, and led to a flourishing business in the gardener’s paradise that is his corner of Switzerland: the ‘Côte Vaudoise’.

Our history


In 1957, Roger Denogent and his wife, Janine, chose to follow in his father’s footsteps. As a child, he had sold the vegetables grown by his mother, Germaine, in the little kitchen garden at ‘La Feuillée’, and it wasn’t long before he put his entrepreneurial skills to good use, rapidly expanding his father’s garden maintenance business to include the building of new gardens that he designed himself. Roger’s creations typically display great sensitivity with regard to landscaping and plantings, as well as minute attention to the choice of materials and the ways in which they are used. This results in gardens which stand the passage of time without either fading or becoming overgrown. Quite the contrary: Roger Denogent’s knowledgeable and respectful approach to planting has become apparent over the years in the ever-growing harmony in the gardens he designs, whether they measure a few square metres or several hectares. These projects include the woodland grove at ‘La Maison Blanche’ and the ‘Les Fossés’ promenade created a quarter of a century ago at Prangins.

The extent of the commissions Roger received was inevitably paralleled by a steady increase in staff required in the field. A genuine enterprise was born. Business premises were added to the family home, workshops were built, and new buildings took shape to house more workshops, storage facilities and machinery.

In 1990, Marina Denogent, a landscape architect, joined her parents at the family firm. True to the spirit of her elders, she focuses on innovation and developing new areas of the business. The Design Studio enjoys the full benefit of computerised design and management, and the firm is making new contacts in other countries, while taking a fresh look at the history of gardening. This movement in new directions is behind projects such as the restoration of the gardens at the ‘Château de Prangins’ for the Swiss National Museum, and the restructuring of the gardens at Vincy for the architect Norman Foster, as well as the gardens created for UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations) in Nyon and the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

Denogent now employs over 150 people in a variety of specialised areas covering all the disciplines required in the creation of a garden, and its expansion continues to this day. However, in spite of this diversification, the company remains a family firm at heart, and brings to each and every project the unique experience that has been passed seamlessly from generation to generation.

Reflecting moods captured over the years and the seasons, the pages which follow highlight some of the milestones in a family enterprise during which a passion for nature, the countryside and gardens has never waned.

Speaking about us...


"What a creative team. With much appreciation ! Thank you."  Lord Norman Foster, Londres – Vincy

"Merci pour votre magnifique jardin qui nous fait plaisir tous les jours."  Virginie et Ian Lundin,  Coppet

"Your team was terrific ! My thanks to them as well !"  Maxwell Davidson, New York

"With a lot of gratitude to help us to create the most amazing park in Vincy for the generations to come !!"  Lady Elena Foster Londres - Vincy

"C’est magnifique et vous embellissez tant de jardins !"  Caroline Gruosi Scheufele, Prangins

"My garden is amazing ! Thank you so much !" Anna Starak - Eloe Garden - Varsovie

"Merci pour ce très beau jardin."  Hélène et Vincent Grenier, Paris 

"Merci à l'équipe qui a si bien travaillé à la maison !" Alain Boucheron, Paris – Genève

"Je profite de cette occasion pour vous dire tout le bonheur de voir mon si beau jardin hiberner sous la neige ! Ce si beau jardin que vous avez embelli de votre talent."  Hélène Amar, Mies

"Difficile de quitter cette merveilleuse piscine et ce beau jardin  pour aller à mon étude." Maya Page, Commugny

"Avec mes remerciements pour votre travail dans notre propriété."  Ilias Traber Russie – Suisse

"J'aimerai relever le brio avec lequel vous transformez les chantiers de nos clients en jardins de rêve."  P. Marrello, architecte

"Comme d'habitude, j'ai pu constater l'excellence du travail réalisé par l'entreprise Denogent."   M. Fischer, avocat - Genève

"Very impressive ! Your workers are impeccable, well done and thank you." Nicolas Rochat, founder of Mover - Pully