Our sectors of activity

Established by Henri Denogent over 70 years ago, Denogent SA parks-gardens-swimming pools has steadily grown and now employs over 150 people. The firm is still a family-owned company directed by the founder’s descendents. 

A leader in Switzerland in the areas of design, development and maintenance of exterior spaces, the company is keenly attuned to the needs and expectations of an extensive public and private clientele. 

Day in and day out, through its projects and developments, the firm provides the most appropriate solutions for an extremely broad variety of situations.

Swimming pools - Pools

Finding the right pool design and conducting a feasibility study are handled by the firm’s Engineering and Technical Department. All pools are custom-designed and are installed using the latest construction techniques and leading-edge treatment processes.  

The Pool Department also creates natural pools that regulate a site’s water-related problems while giving the landscape an attractive point of interest. These natural, untreated pools are ideal for encouraging aquatic and animal life.  

In addition, the firm also offers a wide range of ornamental water features of all shapes and suitable for all sites: pools, fountains, waterfalls and water jets. 


Gardens and parks are living places in a constant state of change. They must be regularly guided, structured and maintained with professional know-how. 

From mowing lawns to pruning large trees, cutting and trimming borders, the skilled hands of knowledgeable crews keep gardens looking impeccably tended in all seasons. 

Horticulturists - Plants nurseries

Denogent operates a horticultural establishment enabling it to ensure its own production of annual flowers and vegetables. In winter, the greenhouses accommodate large subjects, such as citrus trees, Mediterranean plants, palm trees, and more.  

As for trees and shrubs, although the firm has its own nursery, it prefers to work with major European producers. It has established close partnerships with several French, German, Italian, Belgian and Dutch nurseries.

Pruning - Triming - Fellling

Experts at pruning and trimming large trees, shrubs, fruit trees and topiaries, Denogent gardeners skilfully wield the secateurs, saws and tools required to give each subject a balanced form, elegant proportions and overall harmony. 

Sophisticated equipment also gives the firm the ability to handle the felling of large trees, and other tree work, such as timber felling in forests and treating pine tree parasites.

Planting - Lawns

Denogent calls on only the best nurseries and seed suppliers in Europe to ensure the quality and homogeneity of the plants it offers. It is ideally placed to provide effective responses to any specific demands, from large, rare subjects to exceptional flower beds planted with perennials or annuals.  

The firm also specialises in creating green areas, for sports or pleasure, using seed or sod for lawns, or flowering meadows: a wide variety of mixed seeds responds to all uses and desires for particular colour themes. In addition, the firm ensures the means to effectively combat diseases specific to green surfaces.


Teams of company-trained masons handle all concrete and masonry work involved in the realisation of a garden: building walls, noise barriers, swimming pool casings, and poured benches are all handled by the firm, in addition to creating work in natural stone, or any other noble material. In order to extend the range of masonry options, the firm’s specialists are constantly on the look-out for new materials and techniques adapted to all budgets and situations.

Surface treatments

Granite, sandstone, limestone, gravel, wood and other natural products provide a wide choice of exceptional surface treatments and endless variations. Whatever the material selected and its application, the firm offers the services of its Natural Stone Department as well as the added value of using noble materials. The installation is ensured by our in-house specialists who are always open to advice or suggestions.


Appropriate earthmoving, profiling and levelling are the foundations of any successful project. 

Thanks to a fleet of sophisticated equipment, Denogent is able to manage all aspects of earthmoving and supporting work at any location. The operators are well-versed in precision techniques to ensure perfectly prepared surfaces. 

A judicious use of subsoil is also necessary to healthy plant growth and lawn or meadow seeding. Proper drainage makes it possible to make use of all types of terrain, even those thought to be unusable. 


There is no better way to water than by hand – and the firm’s gardeners are available to ensure the proper watering at the times required for a beautiful garden.  

The firm’s Watering Department also designs and creates all types of integrated automated and modular systems that minimise water consumption while providing the ideal conditions for plant growth. 

Garden furniture - Pots

A garden isn’t truly inviting until it is attractively furnished. Denogent offers an outstanding selection of furnishings that focuses on artisanal manufacturers, pure lines and exceptional finishes. The firm deals in prestigious brands, such as Barlow Tyrie and Royal Botonia, known for the breadth and quality of their ranges.  

Classical or contemporary, in natural or reconstituted materials, the pots selected are all frost-resistant and add an undeniable touch of elegance to any outdoor space. 


Garden lighting requires a specialist. The firm has a team with all the skills required to add special value to its projects at night. It partners with the leading manufacturers and exclusively uses equipment that is modern, discrete and low in energy consumption.  

Periodic or temporary lighting solutions are also available: Christmas decorations, illumination for parties and special events, etc.

Special services

Denogent is fully equipped to respond to any special demands, such as transport to and from inaccessible places, planting large trees, stabilising embankments, masonry fastening, etc.  

The firm also has the capability to meet exceptionally short deadlines. The transport and installation of works of art are additional specialities. International gallery owners and major collectors regularly avail themselves of the firm’s services.  

Nothing is impossible for Denogent!