Design office

A design office, made up of 15 landscape architects, engineers, designers, technicians and administrators trained at the best schools in Switzerland and abroad, allows Denogent to take a fair look at all the themes concerned by landscape architecture.


The office works both in Switzerland and abroad (France, Italy, China, etc.) and regularly collaborates with major names in international architecture (Jacques Wirtz, Erik Dhont, François Goffinet in Belgium, Gilles Clément, Franck Neau, Jacques Garcia in Paris, Norman Foster in London, Martin Hallinan in Dublin, Tony Chi in New York, Devanthéry-Lamunière in Geneva, etc.).


For architectural or monumental restoration projects, the office works in close collaboration with the Amsler Architect office in Lausanne.

Projects - Competitions

The design office, with its various profiles, is in charge of the development of large-scale projects. It also responds with various architectural and engineering offices to competitions.