Le Patio de Frontenex

Basins - Lighting - Contemporary gardens

Swimming pools - Pools - Maintenance - Planting - Lawns - Surface treatments - Watering - Lighting

In the heart of Geneva, the ‘Patio de Frontenex’, a former administrative building converted into magnificent loft apartments, has a stunning interior courtyard that has been made into a garden. Along its centre, a huge steel planter has been installed on a dry concrete slab; it contains all the soil and water required for the luxurious plantings of bamboo. Both day and night, the slate, the glass, the type of metal used, the concrete, the water and the vegetation are arranged in such a way that they provide an ideal place for rest and relaxation in an urban environment where such places are sadly lacking.

Produced in collaboration with Anderegg-Rinaldi, architects, Geneva

Pictures : Thomas Hensinger, Geneva – Marina Denogent, Prangins