Le Creux-de-Genthod

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The gardens at ‘Creux-de-Genthod’ were created by the architect Jean-François Blondel and the owner Ami Lullin between 1724 and 1727. A first, longitudinal garden is centred on the long side of the house. A second composition – completely restructured by Russell Page in 1950 – stretches away from the eastern side of the chateau. The terraces and stone basins were designed by this renowned architect, as were the beautiful plantations of yew. The avenues along the major axis, which are more than 190 metres long, were restored only recently. Three hundred lime trees were planted exactly according to Blondel’s closely-spaced grid, thus reproducing, three centuries later, the spatial effect of a young plantation of the baroque period.

Produced in collaboration with Christophe Amsler, architect, Lausanne

Pictures : Thomas Hensinger, Geneva – Marina Denogent, Prangins

Movies : federal-studio.com, Geneva

Three hundred linden trees allow us to test again, three centuries later, the spatial effect of a young Baroque plantation.