La Villa Nicolas

Swimming Pool - Basins - Lighting - Contemporary gardens

Swimming pools - Pools - Maintenance - Pruning - Triming - Fellling - Planting - Lawns - Masonry - Surface treatments - Earthmoving - Watering - Garden furniture - Pots - Lighting

The garden is composed of geometric forms, creating an effect of superposed horizontal surfaces stretching from the grass-covered level to the terrace via a series of aquatic features – a mirror swimming pool, a ford in the form of a walkway and ornamental basins. A collection of works by contemporary artists is displayed in the garden, the positioning of the sculptures following the classical principle of axial or crucial layouts, such as the American sculptor Robert Indiana’s work L O V E that closes the courtyard. The four silver letters stand out in front of a curtain of yew trees and are reflected in the dark waters of a rectangular pool.

Produced in collaboration with Fabian Reichenbach, architect, Gstaad

Pictures : Thomas Hensinger, Geneva – Yannick Alisson, Geneva - Marina Denogent, Prangins