Le Château du Martheray

Basins - Parks and domains - Historic gardens

Swimming pools - Pools - Maintenance - Pruning - Triming - Fellling - Planting - Lawns - Masonry - Surface treatments - Earthmoving - Watering - Lighting

The chateau stands on the fairly steep slopes of a hillside overlooking distant Lake Geneva. Access is from the west, via a curved driveway planted with tall trees more than a hundred years old. The greater part of the more recent work consisted of the remodelling of the slopes, with a considerable amount of earth having to be brought in to create a new profile of terraces, each one with a different width and atmosphere.

In this context of the varying levels, the flights of steps play a structuring role by linking all the parts of the garden: they represent the unifying motif of the composition as a whole.

Produced in collaboration with Martine Stadelmann, architect, Nyon

Pictures : Thomas Hensinger, Geneva – Marina Denogent, Prangins