Le Vieux Logis

Parks and domains - Vegetable gardens - Historic gardens

In this area of countryside bordering the lake, art blends in with the natural surroundings. The clean, simple lines of a sculpture by Jean-Michel Folon stand out against a small wood where, in springtime, the ground under the trees glows with the white of wild garlic. Further on, a sculpture of a hare by Barry Flanagan seems to cross a field of mallows and poppies in a few leaps. A table and two chairs in the shade of a pergola of roses offer an ideal place for contemplation. The family kitchen garden is surrounded by walls lined with peach, apple and pear trees. Half the garden is reserved for the growing of vegetables and soft fruits, and the other for the cultivation of cut flowers, simply for their beauty.

Pictures : Marina Denogent, Prangins - Thomas Hensinger, Geneva