Le Château de Nyon

Basins - Parks and domains - Vegetable gardens - Historic gardens

During the overall restoration of the site, which was completed ten years ago, it was decided that the gardens and terraces of the chateau at Nyon should continue to be used as kitchen gardens by local families. Patches of land are let to residents of Nyon who wish to grow vegetables and flowers there: the planting of radishes, broad beans, cabbages and lettuces by the inhabitants of the town on the terraces of their chateau is the last relic of this ancient tradition of making use of the lower walls of urban fortifications.

Produced in collaboration with Amsler-Glatz-Delachaux, achitects, Nyon

Pictures : Marina Denogent, Prangins - Rémy Gindroz, La Croix-sur-Lutry - Thomas Hensinger, Geneva