Le Clos-de-Sadex

Parks and domains - Historic gardens

Maintenance - Pruning - Triming - Fellling - Planting - Lawns - Masonry - Surface treatments - Watering - Lighting

Built in the eighteenth century, enlarged by the architect de Heller in the middle of the twentieth, and run for a time as a hotel, the ‘Clos-de-Sadex’ has been a family home again for the past fifteen years. Its location, at the water’s edge and facing Mont-Blanc, is outstanding, with the breathtaking panorama of the lake extending to the horizon. In the garden, the plantings have been designed to give the idea of movement. Undulating, green expanses of box were densely planted so that they quickly formed thick, trimmable clumps. Facing the lake, these waves of vegetation blend with the waves on the water – an illusion that can only exist if the taxonomy is highly detailed and constant.

Produced in collaboration with Patrice Reynaud, architect, Geneva

Pictures : Thomas Hensinger, Geneva – Marina Denogent, Prangins