Le Jiva Hill
Crozet - France

Swimming Pool - Basins - Parks and domains - Lighting - Vegetable gardens -

Swimming pools - Pools - Maintenance - Planting - Lawns - Surface treatments - Watering - Garden furniture - Pots - Lighting

By day and by night, the JIVA HILL Ressort estate welcomes you to its magnificent gardens with a wide variety of atmospheres: sometimes in movement, sometimes structured, sometimes in bloom, sometimes natural, or even themed, all offer enchantment and elegance!

In spring, in addition to a varied choice of plants, the cherry trees, like bouquets of flowers, enchant the garden space in Japanese style...

Also, from the paving stones carefully raked in circles to the harmoniously laid riprap, the play of materials brings a very particular style to the patio. On the other side, the outdoor swimming pool has a beautiful aquatic space where it is good to abandon oneself, to bask, to read, under the freshness of the Amelanchier trees: the reassembled branches with an exceptional structure and a crazy charm which spring from the wooden deck, around which a ribbon of shrubs delimits and secures the bathing space.

From one alcove to another, between the carefully trimmed boxwood cushions, the terraces follow one another discreetly and offer a beautiful private space, where the time for a family dinner, an aperitif with friends or even a simple coffee invites itself; In the foreground, topiary plant structures in geometric shapes accompany the flowerbeds, then beyond, suddenly, your gaze rests tirelessly on the horizon to discover vegetable gardens, lakes, waterfalls, golf greens and many other things to discover... !

Finally, between the hotel and the restaurant, squares of white birch trees, boxwoods and ponds set in granite slabs accompany the comings and goings of guests and staff.

It is worth the diversions.

Pictures : Marina Denogent, Prangins