Le Vortex


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The building based on the UNNIL-EPFL Lausanne campus is a circular construction with a large diameter (137 metres) and height (27 metres) which is set as a piece of the city around protected green spaces.

It is composed of student flats, restaurants, a roof top bar, a day care centre and also many other activities related to student life.

The inner courtyard is a bare garden with different heights of strata, organised like a village square.

This living space is made up of large areas of lawn, asphalt, flagstones, paving stones, long concrete benches and a fountain, all of which are designed for walking, relaxation, and both academic and social meetings.

A few trees scattered here and there will, in time, bring a little freshness...and shade…

Pictures : Thomas Hensinger, Geneva - Marina Denogent, Prangins