La Renaissance

Basins - Contemporary gardens

Swimming pools - Pools - Maintenance - Pruning - Triming - Fellling - Planting - Lawns - Surface treatments - Watering - Garden furniture - Pots - Lighting

The plot stretches along the edge of Lake Geneva on a thongue of land. The transformation of the garden was not only to give back structure, movement and colour to the garden but also the desire to rediscover, as we walk, new spaces!

In the extension of the rectangular carpet of grass, the transition is articulated in movement around large masses of Azalea, Hydrangea, Prunus, Euphorbia, Osmanthus, Buxus which come like drops between the water surface, the stream, the pool house, the terrace, the topiaries and the grove of tall trees. Their spring and late summer blooms bring radiance and magnificence!

Throught to meticulous pruning, the design of the garden neither ages nor fades...

Along the path, a carpet of ferns gives the place an exquisite atmosphere of undergrowth: in spring this carpet is adorned with an intense bloom of Allium, Eremurus and Paeonia, which follow one another to bring charm and colour. As the flowers bloom, subtle perfumes add a much appreciated olfactory touch.

Art also invites itself into this beautiful park, with beautiful works of art displayed there like a cabinet of curiosities...

To recharge your batteries, to appreciate the seasons, at any time the desire to walk around is intense!   

Pictures : Marina Denogent, Prangins