Les Etablissements Chopard
Meyrin and Fleurier

Institutional gardens - Contemporary gardens

Maintenance - Pruning - Triming - Fellling - Planting - Lawns - Masonry - Surface treatments - Watering - Lighting

The landscaping of the watchmaker Chopard’s two sites required very different approaches. At their Geneva site, an expanse of gravel raked clockwise, with small rocks and a few cherry trees, give the factory’s patio a minimalist, Japanese look. In the ‘Val de Travers’, at Fleurier, the mood created in the gardens of the factory museum is quite different: plane trees, beech hedges planted in chicanes, with both rectangular and circular clumps of box and expanses of flower-filled meadow, give way to the green of the Neuchâtel Jura, over which a bronze statue by Jean-Michel Folon loftily presides. At each of these sites, the importance attached to gardening by the family of proprietors, which owns this successful company, is very much in evidence.

Pictures : Marina Denogent, Prangins